Write to UK animal rights prisoners via email:

Debbie Vincent, A5819DE, HMP SEND, Ripley Road, Woking, Surrey, GU 7LJ, UK

Kevin Johnson, 47353-424

c/o Belt T'Shuvah, 8831 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034



Write to UK animals rights prisoners via email


Did you know that it is possible to write to all current AR prisoners in the UK via the "emailaprisoner" service for just 25p per letter 

 than ?


It's cheaper, quicker and more convenient than conventional mail. Most UK prisons are either part of the scheme or are set to join in near future.


You have to pay in advance and register with an email address and password. It's a really great way to keep our comrades in touch with the outside world. 


For example, if you see some news online or in an email, you can just copy and paste the text into an email and send it directly to the prisoner (no attachments though), with some news of your own perhaps?


Or why not put a few stories and some news together, as you get 2,500 characters per email.


For more details please www.emailaprisoner.com/


Nr. 1


Debbie Vincent SEND, Riley Road, Woking, Surrey, GU23 7LJ, UK



April 2014: Debbie was sentenced to six years in prison for "conspiracy to blackmail" in relation to the campaigne to close down the notorious animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences.


Prior to sentencing, Debbie said: What is scary in this world is oppression and injustice, when people hurt people, animals and nature. What ist beautiful in this world is resistance, when people say "enough ist enough" and act. Oppression and injustice are everywhere, but so is resistance. Because some people know that if you might lose, but if you don't fight, you've already lost.







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